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Hillberg for clients - our mission

Hillberg real-estate agency wants to provide its clients with the one-stop-shop service of an efficient and organized company in which business processes are maximally accelerated, developed and optimized. We truly care about doing our work smoothly and without stress, comfortably, ethically and to the satisfaction of all parties. Our long-term collaborators (photographers, architects, builders, surveyors, designers and lawyers), without whom we would not be able to develop a successful business, are true professionals in their field of work, and enable us to continuously develop and raise the quality of our work to an ever higher level. We listen to understand your needs. We are focused on details so that the bigger picture of the service we provide is top-notch.

Hillberg for sellers and landlords

Our daily presence on the real estate market, as well as many years of experience in numerous transactions, gives us a real feel for the market at all times, so we are competent and can give you quick advice, direction, opinion or market value assessment of your property for sale or rent, whether it is about apartments, houses, business premises or land.

Our focus on details allows us to raise awareness and develop more and more tools essential to the users of our services every day. We have a keen sense of beauty and know what buyers and tenants are looking for and how to win them over.

From the first day, we are fully dedicated to the best possible visual presentation of your property, because we know that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. We have top professional equipment and knowledge about photography, as well as its processing in complex applications. We also create virtual tours, video presentations and floor plans for each client free of charge.

Our website is understandable and clear to use, and we work daily to improve the design and user interface. We advertise on all relevant portals, social networks and in the press.

In addition, our team of lawyers is at your disposal for any unresolved legal issues, and our architects will create a virtual arrangement of the existing space or a floor plan and 3D solution proposal, with the aim of presenting the property as best as possible for the buyer. For land sellers, they will obtain basic relevant data on construction possibilities, and for those who decide to go one step further, they will obtain all the necessary project documentation.

Hillberg for buyers and tenants

On our website, we try to collect as much relevant data as possible for you, so that you can easily filter and gain insight into the characteristics of the properties from our offer. In addition, we try to show each of our properties not only through high-quality photos, but also through a virtual walk, floor plan and video.

With us, you will receive an appointment to view the property as soon as possible, as well as a proposal for additional properties from our offer that could be interesting for your specific needs. If we currently do not have a property in our offer that could match your demand, with your approval, we will pre-register you on our mailing list, which will inform you immediately if a suitable match appears.

If you decide to rent or buy, our team of lawyers will draw up a contract proposal within 24 hours, and follow the legal process until the ownership is registered in the land register. If you decide to buy land or real estate that requires adaptation, our architects will create a floor plan and 3D solution proposal for you, and for land buyers, in addition to obtaining all relevant information about the construction itself, they will also obtain all the necessary project documentation.

We will carry out a detailed inspection of the property before handing it over to you, and if you decide to buy, we will transfer all overhead costs to your name.

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Hillberg Ltd.



Name: Hillberg ltd. for trade and services 

Short name: Hillberg ltd.

Headquarters: Zagreb, Ulica Šandora Brešćenskoga 6

Registered at the Commercial Court in Zagreb under register number:

MBS: 080652110 

VAT number: 73575113581 

Transaction account: Raiffeisen Bank Austria dd Zagreb, Petrinjska 59, IBAN: HR7524840081104657891

Basic capital: 20.000,00 Kuna, paid in full 

Board Member: Tamara Skorić, Director